I met someone on a business trip recently that said she had never peed in the woods. I said, “Really?” She confirmed her truth and I wondered what life was like to never pee in the woods. Her reality was not my reality. For instance, we went blue grouse hunting in Carbondale, CO this weekend and I peed in the woods a lot. I was happy that our travels took us to places where there were no bathrooms – just the woods, scenic landscapes, and lots of water to stay hydrated at the high altitude.

This first picture captures a hike I did by myself. I must admit that coming upon a mountain lion crossed my mind just a few times and I kept thinking about the knife I was going to buy for my next hike alone.


Here we have Matthew and Grant as they begin their hunt for Rocky Mountain native blue grouse. Good men, ethical hunters, and definitely dog lovers (although there are no dogs in this picture, there are three happy pups running around; be sure to scroll down to see the lady of the hunt – Bella – she lead the charge amongst the canines and showed the boys how it’s done).


The blur in the middle of the trail is Emmitt and Grant’s pup, Jasper, is up ahead.


Cool, huh?


Here I am taking a break at the top. We hiked our asses off that day and we talked about how grateful we are to be alive and how our bodies work so well for us.


This is the only shot I got with all three dogs. Grant’s thinking, “Must find more grouse.”


From the mountain to the dinner table, thank you oh great and beautiful blue grouse, grilled and topped with a lemon, shallot, caper sauce; braised kale on the side; and perfectly paired wine. Plus, fresh peaches and ice cream for dessert – all of which made for a great meal and lovely day.


Last but not least, here’s a picture of the lady of the hunt – Bella. Ten years old and lots of hunting experience, she lead the hunt. With her nose as her guide, she ran all around that mountain. I had heard stories of Bella and what a great hunter she was, but this was the first time I saw her in action. I was in awe at her drive, her strength, her endurance, and her powerful instinct. She was beautiful. And she’s named after our Bellah who passed away a few years ago. It was a special day, with a special dog, showing the boys the way. Lean in ladies!