Jen, Matt, and Steve are visiting from Hong Kong and I keep telling Matt that we’re going to cancel his ticket back! Jen and Steve’s son, Matt, is all but 13 years old. Without question, he is a very cool young man. He has his father’s presence and his mother’s kindness and he knows how to work – a quality we appreciate especially on the farm!

Standing in the barn aisle tacking up Falcon and shootin’ the breeze with Matt, I ask how the transition to Hong Kong has gone for him. He shares that the first year was tough, but now it feels like he has two great homes. He says, “I love Hong Kong and then I get to come back here!” His eyes get big, his smile widens, and he lifts his arms as if he’s giving the farm a hug.

I have enjoyed hearing about his experiences and observations as a young person living internationally. One comment he made that I found especially poignant was his response to my question about how American schools are different from his education in Asia. He said that his school in Hong Kong teaches much more from a global perspective. Yes, those words came out of the mouth of a 13 year old. He has a big life for such a young man and I’ve enjoyed his candor and appreciated his hard work on the farm. Thanks Matt!


Here’s Jen and Matt. Jen is Matt’s mom and my riding coach and friend.