This post is for my mom.

She’s an avid Gardner and our little garden project does not compare to the bounty her gardens produce. But, I thought of her a lot, and my father too, as Matthew and I designed, built, and planted our garden. Credit goes to Matthew’s brother, Patrick, for his green thumb consulting during our project. Patrick, like my mom, is a master gardener and we have much to learn from both of them.

Here’s what we did to get started in 10 steps.

Step 1: buy treated wood.

Step 2: admire the guy at Home Depot with the big saw.

Step 3: admire handsome husband use power tools (pretty well I might add!).

Step 4: take picture of our boy, Emmitt, sprawled out on the cool grass (he supervised all activities).

Step 5: take a break.

Step 6: dig holes and help Matthew move planter box. Note to self: bend knees when carrying heavy objects.

Step 7: admire coffin like planter box. Fill and pack dirt and use another tool – the level – to ensure excellent placement.

See… Emmitt is supervising!

Step 8: build and move planter box number two!

Step 9: pose for photo shoot after a hard day’s work. Good job my love!

Steps 9 and 10: use my big truck to buy buy special garden dirt, place in planters, and buy plants (4 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, a packet of beet seeds, basil, and greens – two of which are kale plants for our green smoothies).

That’s it. Our garden project in ten steps. May the sweat from our labor bear organic goodness.