We have this ongoing stereotype playing out at the farm. Falcon is the perpetual filthy boy that doesn’t miss an opportunity to roll in dirt (think Pig-pen from the Peanuts cartoon).


And then we have Roulette that glistens even when her paddock is muddy.



Falcon on the other hand is caked in mud (this side of his body was his “clean side”). It took me 30+ minutes just to clear a spot to put the saddle. And I just gave him a bath the other day and he has since fully embraced his Pig-pen persona. You might be wondering: Why not put on a blanket? Good question. It’s been too warm for his lite weight turnout and I haven’t found anything to keep the mud off that won’t make him sweat. I think about these things a lot… Signing off to go ride my dirty pony.



Did I mention that he’s helping us do spring tree pruning?