Putting this much horse together is no small task. We have a long way to go, but we’re on our way!


  • Straight, straight, straight. Then go.
  • In the canter, do little leg yields.
  • Let your weight fall into the seat and think about cantering up a hill, up a hill.
  • If you feel him drifting right, make him so right so he always stays straight.
  • Post him forward and then use your leg if he doesn’t respond.
  • Transitions: Use your voice, stretch up, drop your shoulders, sink your weight.
  • Small circles: turn your body!
  • Keep your legs underneath your hips. Never let them move out front.
  • Hardly use any leg – don’t hold let him get you into holding him.
  • Go to the canter without pulling back. Just sit into the canter.
  • If he drifts to the wall, turn his nose towards the wall and use the right rein to guide him and to remove his shoulders from the wall. At the same time, bump him with your left leg and tap him and if needed, tap him on the left shoulder.
  • Ask with your seat and leg. If he doesn’t respond, go to the whip.
  • Everything forward. Always.
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