Fun weekend. Yesterday, I watched my trainer, Jessica Greer, ride Navarro in a clinic with George Williams. The pair were amazing and their ride really captured for me why I love dressage. Navarro is so fit and so talented (as is Jessica) and Jessica knows exactly how to showcase his athleticism. Jessica is a beautiful rider and I’m thrilled to be riding with her.


Then it started snowing…

I woke up to find a good amount of snow accumulating and the wind blowing. Although I wasn’t scheduled for morning chores, I left for the farm at 6:30am. Before leaving I said to Matthew, “Can you be on point for farm help today if we need you?” He graciously agreed and sent me on my way in my overalls and snow boots.

Our normal routine is for Gail to do morning chores, Paula does noon, and I do evening chores. However, Paula and I wanted to give Gail a break so we did morning chores this weekend.

I pull into the farm and notice that both Gail and Paula are already there. Paula, who was scheduled for morning chores, said that when she arrived, Gail was already there and had fed and watered the horses. Paula and I encouraged Gail to go home and take the break she was supposed to be enjoying. Gail left and Paula and I finished up morning chores.

After spreading manure in the field while the wind howled, I walk into the tack room to find:


Courtesy of Paula’s amazing talent in the kitchen, I enjoyed a cookie right away. The snow and wind were picking up so we talked of rationing the cookies in case we had to stay the night.


It was now time to exercise the horses. Paula lunged Volkert while I rode Falcon and our beautiful indoor arena shut out the cold and snow and we were able to exercise our horses. Here’s Falcon in the cross ties after our ride. Notice the snow blowing in.



Sassy stayed warm by staying close to the heater.


After my ride, I look to Paula and say, “I think we should call Matthew and ask him to help remove snow. It’s really starting to drift.”

She agreed.

Shortly thereafter, my manly man arrives at the farm with a thermos of hot cocoa ready to go to work.


Like I said, the team rallied.


“Smile Paula!” I say. She responds, “I am!”





I love this farm.


Our amazing Hillcrest team rallied once again. After a warm shower and some lunch, I’m enjoying Emmitt snoozing next to me and Matthew playing his guitar. A nice break before heading back out to do evening chores.

Stay warm friends.