My friend and farming partner, Paula, calls me this afternoon and gives me a quick rundown of the happenings at the farm. She casually mentions, “I shuffled the hay around a bit and I’ll need your help with the tarp.”

“No problem,” I say.

She wishes me a good ride and I head out to the farm to ride and do evening chores.

The following email exchange between Paula and me took place later in evening after I returned home.


Hi Paula, I walked into the hay barn tonight and laughed out loud!

You didn’t just “shuffle some hay around” – you reorganized the entire stack of hay!!!

You crack me up my friend!

No wonder you are so strong! You moved a lot of hay and I am incredibly appreciative of your time, effort, and strength!

Have a great night!

P.S. I loved the quote on the whiteboard ; )


Paula’s response follows:


Oh, yeah, I guess I meant to say I moved ALL the hay… šŸ˜‰

The woman moved the stack of hay
to keep the mice and mold at bay,
But before doing that, she rode and fed, and after the hay
the manure she spread.
Then a little more was left to do,
buckets, cats and sweeping, too.
Then off to town to get the grain,
so she would not forget again.
The old mare needs her mush, you know;
her mini van was sitting low-
It’s known to handle far more weight,
with many things from Harbor Freight
(this wacky woman’s favorite store!)
I close this now before I bore
my thankful friend forevermore.


P.S. smack, smack Roulette šŸ™‚

Matthew and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!