I’m doing some research for work and read the book, “You Need No Title to Be a Leader” by Robin Sharma.

The mental model presented by the author is applicable to anyone really; it’s not limited to business. The book is a quick read and well worth the time.

The long list below represent some of the lines I highlighted in the book.

  • Titles don’t interest me at all; doing my best work is all that matters
  • There’s only one way a business will win in the new world: growing and developing the leadership talent of every single person
  • The only way for organizations to avoid getting eaten alive is to strengthen the capacities of employees at every level to lead in everything they do
  • You just don’t need formal authority anymore – only a desire to be involved and the commitment to making a positive difference
  • For each of us to show leadership, we need to start by being truly excellent in our current role
  • The model is about creating an environment and culture where everyone needs to show leadership; everyone drives innovation; everyone inspires their teammates; everyone embraces change; everyone takes responsibility for results; everyone is devoted to expressing their absolute best
  • To build a truly outstanding organization, every single person who works there must lead
  • Leadership has become the single most important master skill for success in business
  • It’s fine to be content, but never be satisfied. Improve everything daily, relentlessly, and passionately
  • The Four Natural Powers
    1. #1 Every one of us has the power to go to work each day and express the absolute best within us
      #2 Every one of us has the power to inspire, influence, and elevate each person we meet by the gift of a great example
      #3 Every one of us can passionately drive positive change
      #4 Every one of us can treat all stakeholders with respect, appreciation, and kindness

    You Need No Title to Be a Leader: The Five Rules

  • IMAGE distills the how of leadership
  • I = Innovation; what can I improve today?; be all about making this day better than yesterday; wake up every morning and be all about iteration – making each thing you do a little bit better than it was the day before; small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results; just dedicate yourself to being all about consistent, focused, and never-ending improvement
  • Avoid mediocrity creep – the subtle and dangerous descent into being average that infects your work without even knowing it
  • M = Mastery; Steve Martin noted, “Be so good people can’t ignore you.”; focus married with time produces mastery (10K hours)
  • A = Authenticity; being authentic means being true to your talents; when you go to work every day and present your leadership best, that’s authenticity in action; leaders who check their ego at the door and harness their complete focus and awesome capabilities on doing their best work, making a difference in the lives of their teammates and customers, and building a better organization; be exquisitely honest and ferociously humble
  • G = Guts; you need no title to be a leader, but you will need huge toughness and big guts
  • E = Ethics; leadership lies at the intersection where excellence meets honor
  • Leadership is a way to express our absolute best as human beings
  • Turbulent Times Build Great Leaders

  • Leading without a title has so much to do with being a light in a dark and turbulent world
  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
  • What we need in business right now are more people who are truly bright spots – who show others a clear and hopeful way; who are real sparks in all that they do
  • S = Speak with Candor; be a pristine, truth-filled, and inspirational communicator
  • An organization that has a culture where everyone’s afraid to speak candidly is a place where people live amid delusion and fantasy
  • If something is important to someone important to you, it should become important to you as well
  • You can say whatever you want as long as you say it with respect
  • In every interaction, superb leaders remind people of their best
  • What you focus on grows; and where your words go, your energy flows
  • P = Prioritize; leadership is about knowing very little about most things and a staggering amount about a few things
  • Constantly think about how to shift from chaotic complexity to elegant simplicity
  • Make time to think; sometimes you need to slow down to speed up
  • Self-reflection creates intensity of clarity
  • A = Adversity breeds opportunity; every setback carries with it an even greater opportunity
  • The secret to moving through hard times is to just keep moving forward; in challenging conditions, just stay in movement
  • Singer Joan Baez: Action is the antidote to despair.
  • Obstacles show up to measure how badly you want something
  • R = Respond; be grace under pressure; stop worrying about all the things you cannot control and dedicate yourself to improving the areas you can
  • K = Kudos; shine a light on people; people need to be appreciated; look for what’s good in people; commit yourself to becoming a passionate celebrator of the great work that those around you are doing; recognize excellence; praise good work; honor mastery
  • The Deeper Your Relationships, the Stronger Your Leadership

  • Theodore Roosevelt: The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people
  • Business is a vehicle to help other human beings; to engage employees so they realize their human potential; and to help your customers achieve their aspirations
  • If you want to win, you need to help others win; and part of that is doing all you can to build a high-performance culture within your organization where everyone understands how excellent they can be; and so part of your job becomes unleashing the greatness in people who’ve never seen the greatness within themselves
  • Make others successful and they’ll make you successful; but before someone will lend you a hand, you must touch their heart
  • Give away that which you most wish to receive: if you want more support, give more support; if you want more appreciation, give more appreciation; if you want more respect, give more respect
  • H = Helpfulness; always do more than you are paid to do; be the most helpful person you know
  • U = Understanding; speak less and listen more
  • M = Mingle; connect with your teammates and your customers
  • A = Amuse; have fun while you do great work – it will boost productivity; you will be more engaged
  • N = Nurture; balance being compassionate with being courageous; be friendly with being firm; be sincere with being strong
  • Yes, put relationships first but no one’s saying don’t demand high performance, the largest commitment, and the most spectacular results
  • Leave every single person who intersects with your path better, happier, and more engaged than you found them
  • People are really the most important element to a winning business
  • To Be a Great Leader, First Become a Great Person

  • Lead yourself first; only then will you get to a place as a person where you can lead other people
  • Do the inner work required to make your character richer, your intentions purer, and your acts bigger
  • S = See Clearly; the way you run your brain matters; Ghandi: I will not allow others to walk through my mind with their dirty feet; spend more time in silent inquiry – you will build greater awareness of the thoughts you think; and with greater awareness around the ones that no longer serve you, you can make better choices
  • H = Health is Wealth; peak health is like a tent pole – it lifts up everything else in your entire life; get your health to its highest state and every other area gets pulled up
  • I = Inspiration Matters; you need to refill your well of inspiration every day, because the challenges of life will drain it every day
  • N = Neglect Not Your Family; your loved ones matter; a solid foundation at home sets you up for strong and solid results at work
  • E = Elevate Your Lifestyle; contribution if the ultimate purpose of work – and life
  • The great and glorious legacy of a human being is to live with purpose (philosopher Montaigne)
  • You were born awesome
  • Serve as an extraordinary example of possibility and excellence to every person fortunate enough to cross your path
  • Dream boldly; live beautifully
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