Matthew made my favorite pie today – blueberry pie! Homemade whip cream sweetened with maple syrup on top. The crust would make his mother proud. And it wasn’t too sweet; it was thick and stayed together when we cut into it. A work of art really.

I bought Matthew a food processor for Christmas – go ahead and call me wise!

I shall take two pieces with me to the barn tomorrow to share with Paula and Gail. More snow arrived this week and the temperature didn’t rise above 14 degrees Fahrenheit today. Snow and cold lends itself to farm chores being harder and taking longer (frozen water buckets are a pain in the ass). There is, however, an incredible sense of commitment and accomplishment in caring for our equine partners and the three of us spend time every day on the farm doing chores and exercising our horses no matter how cold it is. That’s why I’ll take blueberry pie to the barn tomorrow – my barn teammates are well deserving of some goodness.

Martha Stewart has nothing on Matthew’s pie!