A friend/colleague told me about her experience with an “idealization” process. She came across an “ideal life” exercise that focused on questions about what you wanted your life to look like in five years. The questions included: Where do you live? What kind of people do you surround yourself with? What do you do on a daily basis? What does your work environment look like? What do you eat? What do you want to learn? What do you want to be known for? What else would be part of your perfect life?

It’s not a natural talent of mine to think that far out. I’m much more in the here and now. But the questions did get me thinking and I thought they were worth exploring.

Five years from now…

  • Matthew and I are either living in Fort Collins or Carbondale (both in Colorado)
  • Emmitt is thriving, fit, and happy – Matthew and I have just returned from a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota where we stayed at some beautiful lodge
  • Pi is enjoying retirement
  • Falcon has clean flying changes and is doing well at 3rd or 4th level
  • Matthew is fit, continuing to run, and is happy at work (and continues to love me as well as he does today!)
  • I am more fit and continue to eat well (if I am ever to sit the trot for an entire dressage test on Falcon, my core has to get stronger – he’s such a big horse and I need to find a way to up my fitness)
  • Do I work for HP? I don’t know. There are a people at work that I feel very connected to and love working with/for. And I hope our career paths continue to cross no matter where we are.
  • I create for a living – I am paid to write and do creative work (I am today and I want this to continue)
  • My cohorts and I are known for creative, meaningful work that connects and inspires; we are sought after as the go-to team to consult and design employee engagement + culture programs
  • I spend intentional time in the trenches of the writing discipline and I have a mentor that teaches me more about the craft
  • I use Adobe’s design tools much better than I do today
  • I continue to have work/life balance
  • I volunteer somewhere like Hearts & Horses
  • I am peaceful
  • I am alive! (not just breathing, but living intentionally)
  • I teach
  • I am more comfortable with public speaking (gulp)

I must admit that fear crept into this exercise for me. If you write it down, it becomes real. Why is it so easy to be afraid of failure and so hard to just give yourself the freedom and space to just try and be okay with whatever the outcome?

Fear aside, I wrote down what I could and that’s a start.