Matthew and I spent the weekend in Carbondale, CO and we had a ball! We visited our dear friends Grant and Daisie and their little girl, Hazel.

Matthew and Grant fished the Roaring Fork river and I love, love, love this picture below with rainbow trout in hand!

Grant is a sommelier so we drank incredible wine, paired perfectly with each meal. And Grant’s new puppy, Jasper (who wouldn’t hold still long enough for a photo), is going to be a goooood hunter – just like Emmitt!

The night we arrived we had a colorful and tasty pasta dinner with fresh tomatoes, greens, peas and carrots from their garden.  Both Grant and Daisie are skilled in the kitchen so bonus for us every time we vsiit. The next night, we had wild game from two hunting trips Matthew and Grant took together: elk from the mountains near Aspen and duck from their yearly sojourn to Montana.

Matthew and I went on a hike into the wilderness area where he and Grant shot an elk last year. There were no groomed trails to guide our steps – just paths created by the animals. I was amazed at how challenging the terrain was – it made me appreicate all the hard work it took to hike up into those mountains and haul the elk back down. The trees and brush were thick and it was really steep in places.

When we reached the river, Emmitt jumped right in to cool off! On the way home, I took a moment to appreciate a lovely field of hay! Finding good hay is a challenge and then paying $9 per bale makes you look at fields as if they are gold!

On day two, Matthew went fly fishing with Grant and Emmitt and I headed back into the hills on a hike (this time with a trail). Emmitt rolled in cow manure. The scenary was glorious. And my legs were sore when were done. Oh! And I saw Lance Armstrong! He rode right by me in his LiveStrong gear and his body was uber fit. Great hike!

Happy Anniversary my love – my whole world begins and ends with you and I love you so much.