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These are a few things that caught my radar this last week.

I listened to this talk by Debbie Millman (one of my design favs). My favorite quote from the talk is this:

Ultimately it’s important to consider the two ways of living. You can live out of fear where everything in front of you is something that is unnerving or you can live out of power where everything could be an opportunity if you let it. And so I think in order to strive for a remarkable life you have to decide that you want one. Because if you expect less – less is all you’re going to get.

And this short blog post, Snark and Fear, by Seth Godin is really good. I’ve had a few instances lately where I’ve wanted to ask someone, “What are you afraid of?”

Loved, loved, loved this video by Amanda Palmer. Creative use of video to inspire others to contribute to her dream.

Author, Cheryl Strayed, was featured in a TIME magazine article this week. Her book, Wild, is the story of journey to hike the Pacific Crest Trail after some life events that left her feeling lost. I ordered the book today.

In the video below, Debbie Millman draws the movie The Descendants.