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I spend a lot of time at the farm. Here’s my morning doing chores.

5:00AM and ready to go to the barn

It's dark and we got a couple inches of snow.

Think spring...

Time to feed and water the horses. One of the first things I look for in the morning is whether the horses ate their dinner and drank water from the night before. When a horse is not eating or drinking that's a sign that something is wrong. After feeding hay and grain, I then empty all the dirty water buckets and fill with fresh water (you can't see it in this photo but there's a nice layer of ice)

Make sure horses are eating… Check! Roulette is not happy with the flash from my camera. Mares…

Sir Winkett - our half pint - is 32ish. He's amazingly spry and he loves his bran mash! And he has a storied career: show pony, horse sitter, brave pony that shows big horses how to get in trailers, and the list goes on...

Sir Winkett (he looks like a ghost here) is letting me know that he's ready for grain!

I know - a picture of horse shit seems a bit strange. But it's a big deal. One of the first things I look for is whether the horses pooped last night and how it looks. No poop or runny poop is not a good thing (horses not feeling well). We pay close attention to their stool. These two piles look great! Little balls - not too hard, not to soft - just right. Good job Mr. Pi!

Mucked stalls and I'm now ready to go spread manure in the pasture.

Almost got stuck spreading manure in the pasture.

Notice how clean and well bedded Sis' stall looks. I can pitch shit with the best of 'em! I think I'll leave that off my LinkedIn profile...

My fellow barn mate, Paula, put a note on Sis' stall last night. Let's see what it says...

The sign reads, Sis - T.L.C. Saweet! Paula is truly one of the coolest people on the face of this planet.

Sassy is sleeping in the tack room on top of a saddle rack. Cats serve an important purpose at the barn. Go be a mouser Sassy!

The heated tack room is heavenly. And I love sitting in that chair.

Chores complete. Horses fed and watered, stalls mucked and bedded, manure spread on field, barn aisle swept, horses eating and pooping. All is well.

7 degrees Fahrenheit. Brisk morning.

I love the farm.

Love that indoor arena!

To think - Jen and Steve planted these trees many moons ago and they now line the driveway like great protectors of our farm.

The horses are tucked in each night - literally - in this cozy eight stall barn.

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Headed home. Be back later today to ride and do evening chores. Damn my hands are cold!